It is time for me to retire this particular page of my website. I have tried, over the years, to provide a few details of my health journey, as it appeared to be going at the time. The problem is, every “adventure” in that journey has led to “don’t do that any more.” So what’s the point of detailing what I am doing now that in all probability isn’t going to work out in the long run?

The real problem is that everybody’s health needs are different, and that “solutions” to problems frequently only work for a limited time. The journey is highly individual, and in no way predetermined. It may be shaped, however, by the boundary lines we draw in our heads that determine what we will and will not try that is different from what we are already doing.

Those boundaries often serve good purposes, but when evidence indicates that what we are doing may not be working for us, and that something else that we haven’t tried might work better, then it may be time to cross the lines, at least for a while.

Can I be any more vague? But then I believe that a health journey is part of a larger spiritual journey, and spiritual journeys are notoriously difficult to define. If you can define it ahead of time, it isn’t a spiritual journey.

I will continue to provide reading and other resources on my health resources page. I make no claim that any of it is entirely accurate, or that any of it will apply to you.



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